The Best Hair Loss Treatment For Men

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Our hair is like a crown on the head, and it makes us look good and feel good. However, today, one of the most common issues with people’s health is hair loss. Almost 40 million people in the US are suffering from some type of hair loss, one being Alopecia. Alopecia can be very difficult, lowering self-confidence in a person. Its treatment also varies from person to person. Hair loss can also be genetic. Now, while you wonder what to do to save you from balding, let us remind you that we are in the 21st century and have discovered some of the best hair loss treatments.

So gentlemen, today we are telling you about some of the most effective for hair loss treatment for men. Moreover, let us tell you, we’ve found a winner that will work for all types of scalps and hair types!


However, first, let’s briefly discuss a few reasons that cause hair loss:

  1. Hair loss is in your genes.
  2. You’re growing older.
  3. You are not eating right.
  4. You’re too stressed.
  5. You tie your hair too tightly.
  6. You might suffer Psoriasis.
  7. You might suffer from other scalp problems like Alopecia, Seborrheic Dermatitis, etc.


If you are going through any of these causes and are facing hair loss, it is best to visit a scalp specialist and get some advice.

Now, apart from oral steroids and hair growth oils and the popular laser therapy, let’s look at some of the best hair loss treatment for men:


 1. Scalp Steroid Injections:

This method has benefitted both men and women. It mainly involved Corticosteroids. The therapy works by injecting the cortisone steroid directly into bald areas and patches of the head to stimulate hair follicles. Hair follicles when stimulated, begin to grow.

This hair loss treatment for men needs to be practiced every month, especially if you suffer from alopecia areata. So it basically is a life-long treatment. There are no significant side effects of it except that it can cause the injection pain and lead thinning of hair.


 2. PRP- Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy:

This treatment has recently gained popularity. It is a suitable hair loss treatment for men as well as women who have moderate to severe alopecia. This therapy works on the use of plasma from the patient’s body. The plasma is activated through growth factors of a special centrifugal device. Then, the activated plasma is injected into the patient’s scalp which stimulates rapid hair growth. Unlike the hair transplant surgery, this method has a very little downtime while the results are very effective. Patients can see an excessive hair growth in two to three months after the treatment.

A trichologist will consult you in detail whether this therapy is suitable for your hair loss for which you might have to go through several blood tests. As side effects, you might experience some swelling and pain for three or four days in areas where the plasma is injected. To maintain a constant result, you will need to go through the PRP therapy every two to three years.


 3. Hair Transplant:

Hair transplant is definitely a proven treatment for hair loss in men and women but is very expensive. It is favorable for patients who have enough hair in the donor area, which is the back and lower sides of the head. Most men suffer from hair loss on the front and near-temple top of the head. This means that the donor’s hair is strong enough and DHT resistant to prevent hair fall. So the hair transplant surgeon picks out hair grafts from this area and plants it into the bald regions of the scalp.

There are various types of hair transplants out of which FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) are the prominent ones.


 4. Stem Cell Hair Rejuvenation Therapy:

This is a recently discovered therapy for hair re-growth. It works on Adipose (fat-derived stem cells) which is discarded after cosmetic surgeries like the tummy tuck or liposuction. These cells are available commercially and do not require specialized equipment or cell processing centers.

A trained expert will apply these proteins to the balding areas. With little downtime, patients avoiding traditional methods of hair re-growth can try this therapy.


 5.  Owakai Hair Replacement:

Owakai is one method that is suitable for hair loss treatment for men and women of all ages. It is the world’s thinnest and advanced hair replacement. It is a toupee with 0.01 mm biological scalp which is drop-proof. It involves a knotting technique that prevents it from falling off even during intense sports. It is fast absorbing leading to a quick drying time and can be worn while being in water (swimming, shower). This non-surgical, toxic free replacement method is very comfortable and needs maintenance once in two to three weeks.

What makes it more convenient is that these are stitched manually with 100% real hair which can be customized as per your preferred haircut.



So, after going through all the methods of hair loss treatment for men, our clear winner is Owakai Hair Replacement. It is nonsurgical which makes way for zero side effects and pain and suffering. Though, you can definitely go with what appeals to you the most. What matters is how satisfied and confident you are with your hair!

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