10 Daily DIY Hair Care Tips for Men

You’ve probably watched a lot of movies where the main characters had pretty amazing hair. This might have led you to question, “How is their hair so perfect?”

Our eyes are just attracted to their mesmerizing hair. Shiny, thick and bouncy! All of this leading to an amazing look turning them beautiful. You can learn all there is about how to create magical hairdos. However, if your hair is not healthy enough, then there’s no use to it. And that’s why we have come up with tips that will help you maintain the health of your hair in the first place.

1. Deal With Wet Hair Carefully

After a shower, you need to deal with wet hair carefully. They are extremely fragile and can easily break. When they are wet, the roots are more prone to taking any kind of damage. And you shouldn’t be too harsh when you are shampooing your hair. Don’t brush after you have a shower. However, if you have to, then you should prefer using a shower cap instead.

2. Protect Your Hair

You should keep your hair protected from wind, rain, and sun. If they are exposed to excessive sun, pollution, dirt, and heat, then it might lead to serious problems. It might lead to drying out of scalp and hair, dirt build-up as well as a higher probability of infections. You should cover your hair and protect it by using a hat or an umbrella. Or maybe you can use a dupatta instead.

3. Regular Conditioning

After you wash your hair, we advise you to use a moisturizing conditioner. You shouldn’t be finished with your shower without it. If you miss this step, then it might cause your hair to be fizzy. And you need to do it right. Conditioners are for the purpose of sealing the moisture content in the hair shaft. They aren’t particularly made for scalp. Condition about two inches away from the scalp. Don’t use too much of it.

4. Don’t Over Apply Heat

Don’t apply too much heat. If you apply too much heat, it will cause the moisture content in your hair to be stripped away, making them frizzy and dry. If you overuse the heat, it might lead to your hair getting burnt. Use the straighteners only when required. And if you do, don’t forget to use the hair protectant.

5. Use The Shampoo & The Conditioner From The Same Company

As mentioned in the title, shop for a shampoo and a conditioner from the same company. They both are perfect for each other and have been developed with the other kept in mind. They are made simply for a specific purpose and specific type of hair. You will be able to witness better results if you use shampoo and conditioner from the same company instead of two different individual companies.

6. Don’t Braid Tightly

When you are about to sleep, you should loosen the hair in order to avoid a mess. A better option is a side braid. If you leave your hair open, then it might lead to the creation of knots. And it will cause you problems while brushing your hair in the morning. And over brushing will simply result in frizziness.

7. Avoiding Tight Hair Ties

Don’t use super tight hair ties. Instead, you should go with scrunchies with cloth around. Tight hair ties will pull your hair really tight. This might lead to an increase in friction, and this might lead to further damage to your hair.

8. Dry Your Hair Carefully

While you are drying your hair, pat dry. Avoid rubbing. If you rub, then you will be able to dry your hair fast. However, you will lose your hair double times.

9. Apply Oil To Your Scalp Frequently

Apply oil as frequently as possible. After you do, apply some shampoo to your hair in order to get rid of the oil. Oiling is the best thing for your scalp. However, don’t do it daily. If you apply more oil, then you will need to clean it up regularly. And this will lead to the stripping of more natural oil.

10 Go For Satin Pillow Covers

If you sleep on satin pillow covers, then it will lead to less breakage due to friction. The thing about cotton and other different materials is that they are simply rough. And this might lead to an increase in friction against your dear hair.


You have been blessed with beautiful hair, and you should take care of them. And the above-mentioned tips will definitely help you with it.

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