11 Trendy Textured Haircuts For Men

11 Trendy Textured Haircuts For Men

Textured haircuts for men are so in trend these days. They come in a plethora of crops, spikes, and messy looks which look super cool. However, when you need to decide about the best-looking haircut, you need to start with a cut that suits your hair type and needs minimal styling. Some cuts need to be maintained by using air drying and a little bit of hair-styling products to hold on the natural wave and texture.

Here is some inspiration for trendy haircuts for men which you can try if you want to change your look!.


1. Short Textured Spikes

This outstanding short haircut which comes with a high fade can be styled in various ways. Also, you can adjust your haircuts as per your needs and occasions. This hairstyle looks equally amazing on formal as well as informal outfits.


2. Messy Spikes

If you have thick hair, then your hair will surely tend to straighten up. This cool look works with coarse hair and also gives an intentional messy look. But if you opt for this look, then you have to maintain the style with a regular hair air dry, and with some serum or suitable hair gel.


3. Shaded Spiky Hair

This heavy crop haircut with spikes looks great in any shade of hair.  You can choose metallic blue hair color, or brown and also darker caramel brown color if you like. Also, you should leave some hair in the forwarding fringe and then pull the remaining hair in every direction.


4. Thick Hair

This is a slightly tousled style which makes your hair look like they are windblown and naturally messy.  This style is perfect for thicker hair and adds some wavy texture to the look. You can also find amazing products for thick hair which can work on all the hair types.


5. Spikes for Fine Hair

If you have fine hair, but still you wish to have spiky hair, then we have an idea for you. The key is to use a tightening product. These products will hold your hair tightly without weighing it down or making them look hair greasy and oily.


6. Heavy Crop Haircut

This type of crop haircut comes with a lot of weight and adds to the wavy and volumic look.  Moreover, it also looks good on all kinds of outfits be it formal, semi-formal or casual. This haircut is the best if you love the wavy look.


7. Modern Bedhead

This haircut leaves a lot of space in the front and also adds fantastic texture to the crown of the hair and lets them rest in the way in which you set them.


8. Messy Sweep Back Look

If you are a fan of the retro look, then this is the style for you. The swept back hair look is a modern variation to the retro slick back look and makes the hair look immovable and shiny.  Other than this, the sweep back seems appears to be natural and gives a windswept feel. To make this haircut look perfect, you only need to run the fingers through hair with a matte product like clay, mud or fiber.


 9. Messy Comb Over Fade

The comb-over fade haircut is a much simple haircut to style. Whether you want your hair to be a bit frizzy, messy or ultra soft; this haircut will suit every texture and every hair shade.


10. Taper Haircut

Taper haircut is same as the sweep back haircut, and you need to blow dry the cut every day and add little tightening products and suitable shampoos regularly.


11. Messy Fringe

This gives you a fresh look and takes the textured crop haircut to the next level. It is a great example of how haircuts can be adapted to suit any face shape, hair colour or hair type. Long fringes make a long face appear shorter and also a square shape can get angular features.


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