What You Need to Know About Baldness in Teen Boys

What You Need to Know About Hair Loss in Teen Boys

We all think that balding is a symptom of getting older. However, studies show that this is not always true! Baldness may occur even in teenage boys and that is very common!

If you are suffering from the same problem or are curious about the same, then go through the reasons below.


Baldness is directly related to your health.

If you are still a teenager, and yet experiencing hair loss then there are a few health-related possibilities behind that. So, it is better to consult a doctor in order to take the necessary decision in time.


Baldness is related to your diet.

Yes, we are right! Baldness in teenage boys is directly related to the poor diet habit. All the extra pizzas, burgers and junk food which the teenagers love may take a toll on your hair and result in severe hair thinning.


Baldness could be due to Alopecia Areata.

If you find out that you have round or oval patches of bald skin, then know that it is the condition of Alopecia Areata. This is a condition takes place when your immune system attacks your hair follicles. However, thankfully this condition is temporary, and your doctor can promptly prescribe medications for minimizing the effects and help hair growth.


Baldness can be a result of Ringworm.

Another medical condition which may lead to baldness in the teen boys is ringworm of the scalp. This is just a fungal infection, which can be easily be treated with the right kind of medication.


Baldness can be a result of hormonal changes.

Hormonal changes and conditions like thyroid disease and lupus may also result in hair loss and baldness in men. So it is always wise to consult a doctor for medication.


How to prevent baldness in teenage boys?

We know that you may get all panicky when you see your tresses falling out, but don’t panic! Here are some easy tips which you can follow in order to prevent baldness in teenage boys.


Eat a better diet.

Poor eating habits can lead to severe hair loss and baldness. So, make sure that you are consuming the adequate amount of minerals, proteins, and vitamins as your body needs them for hair regrowth. Try to replace your chicken wings, pizzas, and pop with healthy options like whole grains, vegetables and fruit, and lean meats.  If you are suffering from an eating disorder, then the best thing for you to do is talk to a doctor or even counselor to regain good health.


Be careful about medications.

Remember that even some medications prescribed by your doctor may lead to hair loss as a side effect. Medications like blood thinners, blood pressure, and gout medication, and high levels of vitamin A may lead to this phenomena. So, in order to prevent or stop this from you must consult a reliable doctor and see if you can change the medicines.


Treat hormone Imbalances.

In any hormonal conditions and changes like hypothyroidism, your doctor may prescribe a medication for stabilizing your thyroid, and you getting your hormones in control so that they do not cause a problem in hair growth and strengthening.


Use a wig.

We understand that baldness or severe hair loss in men can be much embarrassing and worrisome. So in order to deal with it, you can also consider wearing a wig which suits your style, haircut and hair color. Nowadays, you get a myriad of wigs in the market which looks natural, are drop-proof and are completely safe.


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