7 Hair Problems And The Perfect Solution For Each One

7 Hair Problems And The Perfect Solution For Each One
Frizzy hair, brittle hair, and hair loss are the most common problems which frequently occur in men. However, unlike women, there is less variety of products which are specifically made for men. Hair loss takes place due to some natural and also lifestyle reasons like; unhealthy diet, mineral deficiency, stress, pollution, genetics,  hormonal imbalance, harsh medications and many more.
Here we are discussing some crucial hair problems and the solutions which will help you in dealing with those problems!

1. Hair Problem- Knotty hair

Knotty hair is actually irritating! Especially when you have a busy day ahead. So what is to be done to get rid of them?

Solution- If you are going through the similar program, then you sure need to get on board with a nourishing shampoo and a head massage. TYou can also buy a 42-bristled brush which evenly distributes the shampoo, and massages your scalp wash.

2. Hair Problem- Styling Hair

Many times, styling hair can be quiet a challenge for most men. Some carry their identical styles over the years, while some are keen on experimenting with different styles and patterns. However, selecting a perfect tool for that is a challenge!

Solution- A small round brush gives you total control on your hair styling and shaping.


3. Hair Problem- Controlling Cowlicks

Controlling your cowlicks can be quiet a trouble right/ We have a solution for this too!

Solution- A mini flat iron is awesome for men who have unruly cowlicks or random curls.  This tool heats up in 30 seconds and is compact enough to take on business trips and also handy to use.


4. Hair Problem- Repetitive Haircuts

Are you tired of spending those boring time in a barber shop, waiting for a haircut? Then there is something that will help you!

Solution- Bring a lightweight, rechargeable tool home with ease. The high-powered clipper has the self-sharpening blades, which guarantee you the quick, effective cut for multiple uses.


5. Hair Problem- Flattened Hair 

If your hair gets flattened and you do not wish to keep it that way, then probably you need to think about quitting your favorite hairbrush; and think of an alternative.

Solution- A humble comb is a solution for this problem of yours. If you are experiencing flat hair, then keep it aside and start using a wooden comb for adding an extra volume to your hair styling.


6. Hair Problem- Hurting Scalp

Do you have a flaky scalp or itching and pain after a brush? then this is sure an important problem. What should you do to solve this?

Solution- Instead of panicking about hurting scalp; you can look for a brush made with natural boar hair, which is your best bet for a smooth finish. It’s a little pricier than your everyday brush. However, it is much durable and keeps your hair healthy. but it’s durable—and keeps your hair healthy.


7. Hair Problem- Hair Thinning

Hair thinning and less volumic hair is not just a problem which women face. Men also go through a lot of anxiety and worry if they have a receding hairline or less volumic hair.

Solution- The solution for this is, using a hair dryer! Believe us, a good hairdryer gives your approximately double hair volume—which is vital in styling thin and thinning hair.  It also helps to set hair in a perfect style. Also, it will be great if you are using a gel to style your hair. It cements the style in place for an entire day and you can get rid of the wet look due to your gel.

One more solution to this grave problem is to use a wig. If you wish to save your time from all the anxiety and embarrassment of hair thinning, then take a look at Owakai wigs.


Owakai Wigs are non-surgical biological scalps specially made for men which are easy to wear and look completely natural. They are the world’s thinnest natural hair replacements. You can also customize your wig as per your haircut and color choice. You neither have to tolerate the excessive hair loss and nor opt for risk of hair transplant surgery. These wigs are 100 percent safe and have no painful side effects whatsoever. Apart from being safe and drop proof, these hair replacements are amazingly stylish. You can also customize your wig as per your haircut and color choice.

Other than the trendy hair replacements, Owakai also offers you a range of hair attachment and removal accessories like a Hairless comb clip, Walker Duo tape hairpiece tape contour, Walker holds on the liquid adhesive and so on. Also, you are going through a heavy hair fall; you can get some specially made for men hair fall and damage control accessories like a styling comb, seamless hair clips, and so on.

If Owakai wigs are your choice for hair replacements, then have a look at our collection and choose the one which you feel is ideal for your look and style. Also, do not forget to visit our blogs to get additional insights.

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