Hair Loss vs. Hair Thinning: What’s the difference?

Hair Loss vs. Hair Thinning: What's the difference?

Hair loss and hair thinning also known as the hair mass decrease – may seem similar, but actually they are different in their forms.

So you need to know the distinction between the two in order to understand how to combat these haircare problems. Read on to find out the difference and how you can tackle these hair issues differently!


Hair Loss

In medical terms, hair loss is all about the reduction in the number of hairs attached to your scalp. According to an average person who brushes their hair every day loses up to 50-100 strands every day. If you look at your hairbrush, you will see the hair strands which are approximately the length of your hair and they also have a little white bulb at the end. This indicates that this hair as in its natural shedding stage and was meant to fall out.  You only need to have a concern when your hair strands to come out in clumps throughout the day every time you run your fingers through your hair. This is a  significant impact on the quantity of hair which you have. Hair loss occurs as a result of some factors which have affected the hair’s life cycle, and considerably shortening hair growth.

When it comes to factors regarding hair loss, genetics have a role to play in a majority of cases, men suffer more as compared to women due to genetics. Hormones also play an important role and men may start experiencing sudden hair fall due to imbalances regarding hormones.  Other factors affecting hair loss include stress, new medication, fatigue, and diet. Also, there are some obvious factors like pollution and tobacco which start affecting the hair health after a while if not immediately.


Hair Thinning

While hair loss is a fast or prolonged process, which depends on the respective cause, hair thinning – is usually felt more gradually with aging. It also results in fewer, smaller and weaker hair follicles. Two main causes of hair thinning have been identified by physiological aging which comes as a natural process of growing older, and secondly due to the damage linked to external environmental factors like pollution, dyeing hair and wrong kind of hair care products. Visible symptoms of hair thinning also include thinner hair fibers, reduced hair density, and weak or fragile hair with lesser volume. Such hair is more prone to breakage and thinning.

So in case you are experiencing reduced hair thickness and quality, the solution is improving your hair’s strength, resistance and complete health to make sure the optimum hair growth cycle. You should also follow a tailored haircare regime, which is specifically designed to promote visibly thicker, strong and restored hair fibers. If you are going for hair thickening hair products which are enriched with nourishing molecules, including restoring rhamnose, protective ceramide, and anti-oxidant vitamin E, then they sure help to restore thickness and shine to dull hair. However, you need to be careful about choosing these products and also take prior consultation from the dermatologists and doctors. You also have to carry on with constant brushing. Also, you need to maintain a proper diet which will help in keeping your hair strong and healthy.


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And while you’re at it, look around our blog for more helpful tips and tricks to help you tackle hair loss and hair thinning!

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