The Difference Between Men’s And Women’s Hair Supplement

The Difference Between Men's And Women's Hair Supplement

Do you think that men and women hair supplements are nothing different? Then you are probably wrong! There are some differences in men and women hair supplements which you must now. Read on to understand the difference!


Causes of hair loss and thinning in men and women.

There are some factors which contribute to the thinning of hair or balding. You might also have underlying health issues, so if you notice a sudden and intense hair fall, then do not make a delay in contacting your doctor.  Hair loss sometimes also occurs due to stress, vitamin deficiency, or environmental factors. These are common in both men and women, and it is essential to trace the cause before you attempt to treat the hair loss.

For men, the primary cause of hair loss and thinning is male pattern balding. It is natural,  genetic which occurs with more frequency due to aging. Men who experience this problem of male pattern baldness first notice a receding hairline. This starts from the temples and continues towards the crown of your head. A bald spot can also appear at the back of your head. The whole process of balding can take about five years or even 20.

Male pattern baldness is also caused due to a chemical is known as dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, which blocks the nutrients and oxygen from reaching the hair follicles. DHT is created from testosterone and an enzyme which is secreted by glands in the hair follicles.


How do hair supplements work?

Hair supplements are full of rich nutrients to help to combat some causes of hair loss and promote healthy hair growth.


What is the difference between hair supplements for men and women?

  • Men have lesser chances of regrowing the lost hair. They can try to protect the existing hair by making the follicles stronger. For this, men hair supplements use flaxseed, which is known as one of the best nutrients to stop DHT, which is the leading cause of male pattern balding.
  • Unlike men, in women; the women hair supplements contain millet seed extract which is a multimineral nutrient and is ideal for women.
  • The reason why hair supplements for men are different from women is that women need comparatively more minerals as they are substantially prone to the zinc deficiencies and anemia. On the contrary, men need nutrients which can combat the effects of growing DHT hormones.

Despite differences, one thing goes the same for men and women. Both need to use their hair supplements along with the For better results, men and women should use their hair supplements along with the densifying shampoo and growth densifying conditioner. There also are some colored fibers which are available for men and women to help mask hair loss.


At Owakai, we understand that men and women have different genetics and thus, need to deal with the problem differently.  So it is essential to use a hair supplement that’s tailored according to the needs of their hair issues. Also, to help all the gentlemen in dealing with hair fall and thinning, Owakai offers a range of non-surgical hair replacements which come in different colors, styles, and patterns. These toupees are completely non-surgical and drop proof. You need not worry about any embarrassment or artificial look now, as you can customize these wigs according to your haircuts.

Other than the stylish hair replacements, Owakai offers you a range of hair attachment and removal accessories like a Hairless comb clip, Walker Duo tape hairpiece tape contour, The Walker, liquid adhesive and so on. Also, if you are going through a heavy hair loss; then you can get tailor-made men hair fall and damage control accessories like a styling comb, seamless hair clips, and so on.

Owakai is a brand which believes in providing high-quality and exclusive services to its customers and also helps them deal with the problems of hair loss. So go through our collection and choose the products which are suitable for you. Also, stay tuned to our blog for more insights and tips to deal with hair loss and hair thinning. These blogs will tell you everything that you need to do about hair loss and how the Owakai hair replacements can be useful for you.

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