The Complete Guide To Hair Color For Men

The Complete Guide To Hair Color For Men

For men who are looking for hair coloring options, this can be a tricky and confusing task. You have a lot of products to choose, but to choose the right one, you need to clear the clutter and get the facts which you need to know.

Here are some tips and suggestions to remember before getting a hair color!


1. Do not obsess for finding the best-suited hair color.

Are you searching for the best hair color for men? then we are here with a suggestion. You need not get obsessed with the exact similar shade of brown. Instead, you can simply choose any brown color which women actually choose. It is a truth that men can use the same hair colors which women use. You will need a lesser amount of that product to coat your entire head and still get the best results.


2. Cover all the greys. 

If going grey is absolutely non-negotiable, then the easiest solution to cover them is to use natural hair color.  Choose a color which is closely matching to your natural hair and take care that you cover all the stubborn grey strands. Also, continue with your regular touch-up routine in order to maintain a natural and healthy look for your hair.


4. Use your white hair in the right way.

You might get surprised, but some men do not wish to get rid of all the greys. They believe that grey hair will make them look wise, competent and distinct from the crowd. So if you are the one who wants to go grey intentionally, then you can choose a silver-tone for your hair. But you need to follow all the instructions and take care as per instructions in order to make the hair look healthy and trendy.

In order to maintain the dense look of your hair, follow a consistent hair care routine of using a hair strengthening shampoo and conditioner. By using the conditioner, you will make sure that the grey hair will not look dry and dull.


5. Try some highlights.

Using highlights on your hair color will make your hair look offbeat and trendy never before. Use the skinny, shimmering colors on the strands which will add depth and dimension to your hair. For highlights, you can pick a color which is at least two shades lighter than your natural hair color. Also, focus on the formula of coloring only the tips of your hair and around the temples.


6. Use bold colors. 

If you are the one who loves to experiment with different looks, then go for some bold colors which are different from the regular ones. You can choose bold shades like the turquoise or midnight blue. Also, keep in mind that if you are choosing the lighter shade, then you can also bleach your hair first and maintain a dark shade on your base.


7. Use products which are best suited for the color treated hair. 

Choosing a new hair color comes with the responsibility of providing your color-treated hair with utmost care. This means that it is time to get rid of the old products and buy special products which like shampoo, conditioner and hair mask which is formulated especially for color-treated hair. You need to regularly cleanse your hair with the shampoo,  and use the conditioner in order to soften your locks, and once in a week; you can also use a hair mask to maintain a healthy look for your hair.


8. Pamper your hair.

Women aren’t the only ones who deserve all the pampering, even the gentlemen should have their share. And since hair color can cause hair damage, it is important to treat yourself and your hair with extra care. You can try various hair oils, hair sheet masks, or deep nourishing conditioners and shampoos for this. Make sure that the masks should be sulfate-free so that they do not cause any harm to your hair.


9. Buy some root touch-up products.  

When you choose to color your hair, touch-ups should become your routine. Whenever you see the uncoloured roots growing, you should know that its time for a quick touch up.


10. Change your hairstyle if necessary. 

Your hair color can look even more attractive if you change your hairstyle along with the color. You can consult with your stylist and decide which cut will suit best with the color, and style your hair accordingly.


But what if you are facing hair thinning, or severe hair loss? Then you will surely repel from using any harsh chemicals on your hair. Well, we have a way out!

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