Dry Shampoo: Pros, Cons And How To Use It

Dry Shampoo: Pros, Cons And How To Use It

Does dry shampoo sound too absurd? But now it is a popular hair care product. Here is everything you need to know about dry shampoo and how it can help you make your hair look denser, more stylish and amazing like never before.


How You Use It: Spray and Then Brush

Foremost, the most used content in dry shampoo is an aerosol. All the bottles of dry bottles also come with necessary instructions to show people how to lift up the hair and spray the shampoo on your scalp, and then move it toward the scalp, then massage it on your roots, then brush it thoroughly on the scalp. People who have much shorter hair can spray the shampoo on your hair.

The entire hair spray with a dry shampoo takes up to 30 seconds, so it is the best option for one of the bad hair days. The spray also smells clean, fresh but not at all floral. Plus, no powder or residue comes out after brushing your hair.


What Does Dry Shampoo Do? Speedy Scalp De-Oiling

In common terms, dry shampoo is a hair product which utilises starch particles to soak up oil from your hair. This starch is exactly what you spray on your scalp. It starts to work as soon as it is sprayed and it actually absorbs the oil, sebum, leftover product and also the sweat.

So if you see that your hair is sticky, sweaty and all messy after coming back from a run or a cycle ride, then you can simply opt for spray. This will not only give you clean hair but will also give you a clean feel. Using a dry shampoo will surely rejuvenate your senses and drive away all the stress and uncleanly feel.

This makes it the best product to use on summer days or highly hectic days.


Pros: Efficient Style Smackdown


1. It saves much of your time. 

Your dry shampoo helps you delay your next hair wash for some weeks and keeps your scalp oil-free and your hair is completely fluffy and bouncy.

2. It does not let the color fade easily.

Frequent shampooing can easily fade away the hair color. So you can use a dry shampoo if you wish to retain the hair color for longer periods.

3. It saves much of your getting-ready time.

Air drying your hair is nice, but it also needs a lot of time. So if you are in a constant hurry to catch up early morning office meetings, then spraying some of the dry shampoos on your hair can bring in an amazing feel.

4. It prevents your hair from becoming dry.

Natural oils from the scalp are often good for keeping your hair soft and hydrated. However, when hair is extremely curly, or oily, those oils may not reach the lengths of the hair before they begin to build up on your scalp. Dry shampoo absorbs this build-up on the scalp and gives those oils more time to moisturize remaining hair before being stripped away in the shower.

5. Adds volume to your hairstyle.

Moist your hair with dry shampoo while they are damp, then dry them with your blow-dryer. The dry shampoo swells the strands and gives you fuller, more voluminous hair look.

6. Makes your hair smell nice.

Another feature of dry shampoo is a fresh, and clean fragrance. So, as they absorb excess oil and dirt, they will also remove unwanted odors.

7. It revives your hair and scalp after activities.

May it be cycling or running, if you do any such rigorous activity, then dry shampoo is a must for you. It can give you instantly clean feel and amazing look.


Cons of Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is sure a refresher for the hair and can perk up hair when you’ve been flattened by humidity, but it cannot be used on a day to day basis. You need to have washed with the normal wet shampoo and also balance the use of both these products in a balanced manner. Overuse of dry shampoo can result in overdrying of hair and also breakage, so it is wise to limit the use of dry shampoos for special occasions and events.

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