12 Ways To Volumize Your Hair In Style

12 Ways To Volumize Your Hair In Style

Adding volume to your hair is pretty simple, and you only need to take a few minutes every day. Here are some easy ways to add volume to your hairstyle!


1. Wash your hair on a daily basis. 

Your hair will look and feel most volumized when they are if it’s washed every day or at least alternate days. So find a hair-washing routine which seems to maximize the volume of your hair and stick to it. The greasy or unwashed hair tends to clump together and makes the hair look flat and deflated, so stick to your hair washing routine and maintain the volume.


2. Rinse out hair-care products completely with warm water. 

Avoid rinsing the shampoo or conditioner out of your hair with extremely hot water. Lukewarm or normal temperature water is perfect for washing shampoos and conditioners from your hair as it soothes the scalp and also prevents hair fall.


3. Clean and condition your hair with thickening products. 

Thickening shampoos and conditioners are an amazing way to volumize your hair. Thickening products coat your hair follicles with a special polymer and increase the width of every hair strand. You can try using a volumizing shampoo with a volumizing conditioner for additional impact.


4. Let your hair grow out. 

It is difficult to increase the volume of your hair if they are too short. No matter how much product you apply, short hair cannot be lifted and styled easily. If you are trying to increase the volume of your hair, then you need to grow your hair at least by 1–2 inches (2.5–5.1 cm). This extra length will give you a unique look and style.


5. Use a volumizing mousse product.

Most men prefer mousse as a styling product since it leaves less residue in your hair after styling. Heavy gels, sprays, waxes, and mousses can leave hair matted down and greasy looking, whereas mousse keeps hair looking full and high-volume. As a general rule, the less you feel the product in your hair, the better it is for increasing the appearance of volume.


6. Avoid gel products that stiffen the hair. 

If a volumizing styling product leaves your hair feeling “crispy” or “crunchy,” it’s probably not ideal for increasing the appearance of volume. The more flexible your hair is after using a volumizing styling product, the more effective it will be in increasing the appearance of volume.


7. Use a medium amount of volumizing styling products daily. 

Although gels, mousses, waxes, and sprays help in increasing the appearance of volume, their effects are temporary. You will need to have to maintain a consistent routine of using these for remarkable results. So it is best to follow the recommendations given on the label. Also, use the amount of the product which is recommended on the label.


8. Apply hair styling products on the tips of your hair. 

Scoop up some amount of product on 3 or 4 fingers on every hand, and run both hands back through your hair. While doing this, coat your hair fully with the product. You also need to avoid putting an excessive amount of product on your hair roots, or you will end up with clumps of hair sticking together. Repeat this process 3 or 4 times, until you have your hair styled to a degree that suits you.

Applying a volumizing styling product to the roots of your hair can have an adverse effect on your hair volume. This is because applying products on your hair roots can cause a clumping effect and give your volumized hair a patchy look.


9. Use your hands to style your hair. 

Avoid combing your hair, as they can have a negative impact on the appearance of volume. Combs tend to pull and uproot your hair in an unusual direction, which opens up larger patches of clearly visible scalp.


10. Use a blow-dryer after using volumizing hair styling products.

Dry hair appears to be more voluminous than wet hair; so for best results, blow dry your hair after you use a volumizing styling product. Hold the blow-dryer about 12 inches away from your head, and run your hand through your hair while drying. This will help the hair dry quicklyMost styling products recommend applying them to damp or moist hair. This helps the product to coat your hair uniformly.


11. Style your hair in different ways to fix a look which suits you. 

Changing your hairstyle is often a trial and error process. So spend some time to try different techniques and styles to land on one which suits you the most. For example, try running your hands sideways while applying a volumizing product, or change the amount of product which you use.


12. Avoid wearing a tight hat every day. 

A number of men avoid wearing a baseball cap, a stocking cap, or a cowboy hat on a daily basis. Unfortunately, this can affect the volume of your hair negatively. Wearing a hat may compress your hair and reduce the volume, and also circulation to your scalp. Wearing a tight that can also damage your follicles and cause hair thinning.


One more solution to deal with thinning hair and continue to bear a volumic hair look is to consider wearing a hair replacement. At Owakai, we offer totally non-surgical hair replacements especially made for men. They can be customized and styled in any way you want and can cover your hair in the best way possible.

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