How to Maintain Good Hair Styling While Going Bald

How to Maintain Good Hair Styling While Going Bald

Going bald is an inevitable condition for many men across the globe. Statistically, the moment you exceed that age of 40, you stand the chance of going bald.

According to a study, over 40 million men are bald while several thousand are going bald every day in the U.S alone. That you are observing a divorce between your hair and the scalp is no indication of something rare; you are not alone! Balding is a normal occurrence, and rather than looking for quick ways to reverse your hair condition, your sole focus should be how to style you’re here as a bald man.

At Owakai, we have compiled some of the best tips to bald in style, and have that sexy appearance regardless of your hair loss. If you start noticing a thin hair, it might be the best time to sit and consider these things.

1. Make Your Decision

You have to conclude whether you are going to keep your hair and try everything possible to gain back your lost hair or you are just going to accept your new condition and rock it in style.

There are hundreds of fixer for hair loss out there; they include the use of hair regrowth creams and shampoo, use of hair replacement and going for hair transplant. While all these methods are effective to a certain extent, however, they all have their downsides.

Effective Hair regrowth shampoo can be extremely hard to come by, and you have to continuously stick with them if you want to maintain your new regrown hair for as long as possible.

Both hair replacement and transplant can really be expensive. Hair transplant, in particular, will set you back in a few thousands of US dollars.

However, if losing the hair sits well with you, you may need to change your focus to how you can style your bald head and appear sexy with nothing to worry about. There are two options with baldness; you can leave some of the thinned hair on your head. In this instance, Caesar or buzz cut will be perfect for you. It will allow you to see how you can adapt with your thinned hair, but if you feel compelled to take it out altogether, then welcome to full baldness!

Bald men are just as sexy and manly as men with thick hair if not even more. Consider the top celebrities like Dwayne Johnson, Vin Diesel, and Bruce Willis – aren’t they sexy? I bet they are.

Another benefit that comes with baldness is that it is easier to manage compared to thick full hair.

2. Seek your Barber’s Advice

Since he has been in charge of styling your hair while it was full, your barber will be in the best position to help you with selecting the style that will work best for you. If you struggle to come into terms with the style that will fit your face shape, you can trust your barber to help you out.

However, this doesn’t in any way means that your barber will decide what you want to do with your hair for you. However, he knows more than you, and if he tells you that a specific style is not the best for your facial structure, it’s best you heed to him.

You should discuss at length with your hairstylist and know if shaving off the thin hair completely or engaging a few hair enhancement procedures will be perfect for you.

3. Complement with a Beard

We don’t want to assume that everybody loves the beard, but it’s safe to say that a large proportion of people across both sexes find bearded men more masculine and attractive. If going bald has become unavoidable for you, complementing your new appearance with a beard is arguably the best thing you can do for your new facial appearance. There are different types of beard style for bald men.; you can look up one of our previous posts to see the best style for bald men that we have written for you. A full goatee complemented with a mustache can fend off the focus away from your bald head as more people will be carried away with your admirable beard.

Keeping beard as a bald man is an indication that you are not ashamed with your hair loss, and you are comfortable rocking it with well-groomed beard rather than using caps to cover your baldness. The type of job or business you do will play a critical role in the type of beard you can keep. Most corporate organizations will not allow a full beard or extremely long goatee.

However, if you are your own boss or you work in the entertainment industry, you can leave your beard to cover your face fully and trim it to match your taste and style.


Remember, Owakai is committed to providing you with hair enhancement products and services that will help you boost your confidence when your hair is thinning out. Go to our shop section today to check some of our fantastic hair products specially made for you!

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