3 Early Signs Of Balding And How To Deal With Them

3 Early Signs Of Balding And How To Deal With Them

Like all the aging patterns, male baldness does not take place overnight. Actually, balding is a long and slow process which can take a few years or even a decade. However, it keeps on giving you signs through which you can predict it.

So, you can notice the signs of balding beforehand and take necessary precautions in order to prevent the consequences. However, this s not easy, because some signs are reliable while some are not.

So, in order to help you out, we have listed some signs of balding which you must notice and take care of beforehand. This blog also elaborates on some misleading signs of baldness and finally suggests you some remedies through which you can easily deal with baldness.


1. Remarkable change in your hairline.

The clearest sign of balding is a remarkable change in your hairline which you can clearly make out from your photographs.

Baldness usually starts from your hairline. You will notice that your hairline is getting flatter and mildly receded as compared to earlier days. For a majority of people, this begins around the sides of your hairline and then there is thinning in the middle part.

So, for getting a clear idea of this sign, you can compare two photos of yourself. One taken approximately two years earlier and one should be a recent picture.

However, one more important thing about which you should be aware of is the lighting conditions in that photo. The lights affect the appearance of your hairline. In some cases, hair looks thinner in bright lighting.  So, in order to have a clear idea, compare photos which have similar lighting conditions. Avoid comparing one photo from the natural light and another from the bright artificial light.


2. Visible thinning and reduction of hair volume.

Not all people start balding from their hairline. Some men go through diffuse thinning. This is a type of hair loss which either influences the entire scalp or exact areas like the crown which results in balding.

Just like a receding hairline, you can easily spot hair thinning by comparing photos your earlier and recent photos. If you notice that your hair looks thinner in your recent photos, then there is a chance that you could develop male pattern baldness in some months/ years. And you should indeed start taking precautions for dealing with it.


3. Extreme hair loss after showering or brushing.

Loosing some hair while showering or brushing is normal. According to a study, people mostly lose around 100 hairs in a day. So you don’t have to be worried about four to five hairs which you notice on your hands after shampooing.

However, if you start noticing an excessive amount of hair fall throughout the day, then there is a risk that it would be a sign of male pattern baldness.

But before you panic, you must know that temporary hair loss can also happen due to many other reasons like jetlag, sunburn, weight loss, hormonal imbalance, or illness. So, you should consult a hair specialist who will give you the necessary consultation on this problem and also guide you towards dealing with it.


Signs Which You Should Not Worry About

The signs of baldness given above are reliable indicators of baldness. However, there are also some signs make you fear about baldness. So, you need not panic if you notice the below-given signs. They will surely vanish with proper care.

An itchy scalp is usually caused due to dry, irritated skin or excessive sebum. Although many feel that this might lead to baldness, this does not lead to any long-term consequences. You can get rid of the itchy scalp by careful cleaning and condition of the scalp.

You tend to worry a lot when you look at your hair after swimming or after a shower.  Although they might look thinner than usual, it can be a result of your hair clumping together. So, do not panic if you do not notice a severe hair loss after wetting your hair.

Remember that seeing some strands of hair on your pillows or soaps is completely normal! So, unless you see an abnormal amount of hair loss, you need of worry about balding.

A bald grandfather on a certain side of your family. Scientists still don’t know exactly how male pattern baldness is inherited, and a bald father or grandfather is no guarantee that you will also go bald.


How to Deal with Hair Loss

The most effective ways to limit excessive hair fall and resultant baldness is to block DHT.
DHT is the hormone which causes hair loss.  You can block it by using the mixture of finasteride, minoxidil and a DHT blocking shampoo. Also, some other treatments like 5α-reductase inhibitor finasteride, are intended to stop excessive hair loss.

Besides this, you can also make some lifestyle changes like quitting smoking, drink, take enough sleep, and ensure regular exercise and destress methods like meditation in order to deal with signs of balding.

Also, you can consider using a customized hair replacement to hide the excessive hair loss and hair thinning.


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