5 Cool Hairstyles for Men That Have Stood the Test of Time

5 Cool Hairstyles for Men That Have Stood the Test of Time

“Your Hair!” That was the answer my wife gave me when I asked her what she liked about me the first day we met. A right hairstyle is a statement. It shows you’re stylish and you take your looks seriously. But choosing the right hairstyle for you can be crucial too. Well, if you’re looking to have that look that will have people checking you out with admiration, then read on to discover some fresh styles you can rock.


Side Parting

This style has been around for a long while. Right from the 1960s and I don’t see it going anytime soon. You can rock side parting on all hairstyles and face types. If you’ve got medium hair, then the side parting style will suit you so well. It will add some structure to your hair while keeping plenty of flow.

With side parting, getting the perfect cut is very important. While side parting is neat, you must take care with extremely long hair. It doesn’t end there; styling your hair is also very important. Although styling your hair can be confusing, you must be careful to use a product that fits your hair density. Do well to distribute the styling product evenly in your hair. Only then can you have that perfect look.


Is a Buzz cut right for you?

Maybe you want to rock a simple and extremely easy to maintain hairstyle. Then, the buzz cut is made for you. However, the buzz cut is not meant for everyone. The beauty of the buzz cut is that it fits almost everywhere from the boardroom to the dining hall. Military men often rock it. So when next you’re looking to have that business-like look, then rock a buzz cut. I’m sure it will look good on you.

The style of buzz cut that fits your hair shape will depend on the curvature of your skull.

So, you must do well to consider the shape of your head before you sit in the chair so you won’t end up looking like a lower version of yourself.


How about the falling quiff?

Imagine the signature look of David Beckham. The falling quiff will have the back and sides of your head scissored to achieve extra texture and contrast. The falling quiff is one of the most stylish and iconic hairstyles a man can rock. If you have a short hair and you’re looking to style a quiff, your best bet is texture over volume. Because volume can only be achieved when there is more hair, otherwise, with a long hair in the front and a shorter hair on the back, you can style an excellent looking quiff.


Is Shoulder Length too long?

How about that badass John Wick style? You like it. The shoulder length style has become quite common in recent times due to its “coolness,” and I mean it. But make sure not to appear at a business meeting looking like you’re there for a social gathering. A shoulder cut requires keeping your hair longer than usual and asking your barber to add in more layers to get the perfect shoulder length.

However, you must know that having the right hair texture is crucial for a shoulder length cut. Because very straight hair will have difficulty staying in place. Hair type most suitable for shoulder cut style is a subtle wave.


French Crop

Are you going thinner on the top of your head? Then, the French top will most definitely suit you. Although suiting all face types, the French crop will have your hair covering receding patches by having your hair slightly brushed forward while leaving some length in the fringe.

With the French crop, you don’t have to worry over high maintenance hair creams and shampoos because it is low maintenance. You have no worries too if you take a few dives in the pool once every week or as many times as possible. The good news is that the French cop is meant to be left natural even without the use of styling products. However, you must know that the beauty of the French crop is in keeping it trimmed regularly. Having it trimmed once in a while will bring out the beauty of this style.


Choosing the right hairstyle can be daunting because, at every point, you must determine the best hairstyle to suit your facial makeup, lifestyle, and your profession. You must take note to express your personality by choosing the right hairstyle. Leave nothing back. When you’re done selecting the right hairstyle, ensure you choose the right products that will highlight your new look. There’s nothing to be afraid of, go on and rock that classic hairstyle!

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