5 Surprising Remedies That Stop Hair Loss Backed By Science

Hair loss doesn’t affect man alone. Women are also often affected. You may not easily notice hair loss in women because they experience hair thinning instead of pattern baldness that is mostly experienced by males. Of course, you already know that women often cover up their conditions with certain hairstyle. Let’s face reality… there is no total cure for baldness, but there are certain ways to hold on to the ones you’ve got. Whenever you experience any form of hair loss, it is recommended that you approach your doctor for guidance.

Here, we’ll be revealing some of the surprising ways to treat hair loss backed by science.


1. Consider Your Diet

Of course, you probably know that proteins are the building blocks of tissues in the body and your hair isn’t left out. Ensure a high intake of protein in your diet. The best protein source includes egg whites, fish, milk and so forth.

You could consider consuming foods that are rich in omega-3-fatty acid such as mackerel and salmon either twice or thrice per week. It works significantly in helping you against hair loss.


2. Apply Chili Peppers to Stop Hair Loss

Chili pepper is composed of capsaicin which is responsible for its hotness. Apart from that, capsaicin is also known for its ability to promoter better hair growth.

It may interest you to note that studies are ongoing to garner an extensive knowledge on this compound and its mode of work. Currently, the only known fact about capsaicin is its ability to speed up the rate of hair growth while also activation the action of IGF-1. The IGF is acronym for Insulin Like growth factors. It functions by activating the sensory neurons in the hair follicles which helps to stimulates and promote faster rate of hair growth.

More so, studies have also revealed that taking capsaicin alongside with soy isoflavones helps to speed up this effect. Of course, you could not only live on Chili for hair loss. So, it would be a nice idea if you could begin with other supplement that contains capsaicin aside from chili.


3. Try Carnithine

Of course, it could be surprising to read some research evidences supporting the use of some weight loss supplement in promoting hair growth both in pill and topical forms. You probably know carnithine for its weight loss properties, but recent research studies have revealed that the mechanism of carnitine shows positive effect beyond weight loss.

For instance, a study was conducted at the University of Lubeck, Germany, and it was proven that carnitine demonstrated the ability to promote the elongation of hair shaft, thus, reducing the rate of death of the cells while also enhancing the rate of hair growth.

As contained in the report of this study, these effects were produced by carnitine by boosting the proliferation of the keratinocytes present in the hair follicle. The hair strands are made of the follicular keratinocytes. Obviously, these effects produced by carnitine helped in the reducing the rate of cellular death. When you prolong the life and sole function of the keratinocytes present within the hair follicle, it implies that you’ll get the benefits of a healthier scalp as well as thicker hair.

Furthermore, carnitine helps in the transport of fatty acids to the hair follicle. These fats becomes utilized by the cell to produce energy. Upon the production of energy, the energy of the cell begins to increase leading to proper functioning of the follicle thus, increasing hair growth and reduced hair loss.


4. Use Raspberry Ketones

Another weight loss supplement that is widely known is raspberry ketones. The substance can be found in cranberries, red raspberries, kiwis and strawberries.

According to a study conducted in Japan, it was proven that raspberry ketones demonstrated an ability to promote hair growth. Statistically, more than 50% of those who participated in that study recorded hair growth after 5 months of treatment with raspberry ketones. Studies also revealed that some of the participants used in that study were suffering from spot baldness or alopecia.

More so, another study proves the mechanism of action of raspberry ketones towards promoting the rate of hair growth. They mechanism of actions begins by stimulating the sensory nerve endings that surrounds the hair follicles. This stimulation will eventually lead to an increased rate of hair growth.


5. Consult Your Doctor

If you observe that you tend to lose your hair early enough either due to hormonal imbalance or several other factors such as stress, anemia, thyroid diseases and so forth, then you need to consult your doctor. If you’ve been noticing some symptoms of hormonal imbalance in your hair growth, you need to pour out to your doctor. You can also explore other natural supplements that helps to promote hair growth.


It’s our goal at Owakai to get you the best info on hair loss and hair care treatments and we hope this article has helped us do the same. If you have any comments, please don’t hesitate to share them in the comments below!

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