5 Things You Should Consider When Purchasing Hair Dye for Men

5 Things You Should Consider When Purchasing Hair Dye for Men

Age comes for us all. And it starts with your hair. Dyeing your hair the first time can be frustrating. Half the time, you’re wondering if you’re going to get that Tom Cruise kind of look or whether you’re going to be looking like an Avatar from the movies. You are consumed with these thoughts and at the same time, bordered that aging has turned all your hair grey. Whatever the case might be, below are a few things to consider if you’re looking to change your look or take a few years off your age.


Are you in for the long term or short term?

You need first to decide how long you’re willing to dye your hair. Know that dyes can be temporary, semi-permanent, demi-permanent, and permanent. If it is your first time, you must know that the effects are not lasting.

Although dyes can have a long lifespan, you will need to re-apply. You can expect your hair to stay dyed for several weeks to months, but that is it. So while selecting a hair dye product, you need to be sure how long you want to keep doing it — looking to cover your grey for a few weeks or months? Then there is no need to use permanent hair dye.

However, it’s wiser to try out products with shorter life spans if you’re new to hair dyeing to see how it’ll look on you.


Your shade matters too.

So you finally decided on a semi-permanent hair dye. Something to last for a few weeks or just a few days as the case may be. Just like going to the store to choose the right clothes to suit your physique, you need to identify your natural hair color to suit the dye. Are you among the majority of us that do not know our natural shade? You could ask your barber, stylist or someone close to you.


Beware of skin allergies.

Chemicals are used to make dyes. Some of these chemicals are allergic to the skin. You should be careful of the dye you’ll eventually settle for if you have sensitive skin. Most dyes are made with ammonia.

Although ammonia opens the surfaces of your hair follicles and allows the dye to penetrate the hair itself, your skin might not like the dude very much. Ammonia is not your only concern. Para-phenylenediamine (PPD) is another chemical often found in hair products which can irritate your skin. Or cause your skin to itch or form blisters.

So it will do you a world of good if you stay away from products containing ammonia and para-phenylenediamine (PPD) if your skin is super sensitive. However, ammonia can help in getting more effective hair coloring if you have healthy skin.


Why dyeing?

What do you hope to accomplish by dyeing your hair? Be it to change your appearance or to cover the evidence of aging, it is advisable to go with a subtle color dye that compliments your natural hair. It is recommended to use colors that are two shades lighter or darker than your natural hair to get that unique look. You can also use a dye with a warm color tone if your natural hair is reddish. Ensure you use products specified for the type of results you want to achieve. Use dyes meant for grey hair if you’re looking to knock some years off your age.


Choosing the right color for your hair.

It is crucial to pay close attention here. Because you’re pretty screwed if you get the color wrong. Picking the right color for your hair can be pretty tricky. Because what you see on the box is not always what is contained within. Although hair dyes come in a variety of colors, your choice of color will depend on your coloring goals.

You should consider picking a shade lighter than your hair color because you don’t want to be looking like you just baked in your hair in the oven. That can be quite embarrassing. But if you end up using a color that is darker than our natural hair, then congratulations, you’re officially screwed.

There you have it. It is not as difficult as you thought, right? Dyeing is not a hard task if you get the fundamental right. However, you must ensure you use gloves and all the tools that come with your dye. You won’t want to be walking around with black-stained nails.


Don’t forget to wear a ratty T-shirt as not to stain your favorite shirt. Applying alcohol on dye spots can help with stains too. So go ahead and get your charming and young look back right away. Nothing can go wrong if you consider all the steps above!

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