7 Hair Styling Tips Every Man Should Know

7 Hair Styling Tips Every Man Should Know

Whether you have frizzy hair, curly hair, straight hair, or tiny hair, we have amazing hair styling tips for every hair type. Read on!


1. Choose your hair products wisely. 

 Wax, paste, gel, clay, cream, pomade, goop, slime… whatever you choose; but it depends on the look you’re opting for. Pastes and clays are good for a messy, casual look, while the gels are more suited to that slick hair. Other than this, paste, clay, and wax can be massaged into dry hair to add silky texture. Moreover, it is also important to apply the product properly. Gather up a dime-sized dollop and warm it up between your palms, then apply it in from the roots. If you don’t warm the product and spread it out, then you can end up with a sticky mess on the back side of your head.


2. Use less Shampoo.

Do you feel that washing your hair continuously can keep your hair cleaner? Then you might need to rethink. Your hair cannot replenish its oils quickly enough to justify washing every day. So you can keep the shampooing limited to once every two to three days.

However, at other times simply rinse your hair with water in your morning shower. Also, make it a point to use mild shampoos or dilute them in little water to make the shampoo less harsh.

3. Add volume.

You need to know this one if you have thinning hair, or if you’re going for the pompadour look. In order to add volume to your hair, you can use a blow-dryer and a comb. Keep combing your hair up and drying simultaneously and you’ll find that it tends to look volumized.  Another method is to blow dry your hair upside down, and let gravity do the work for you.


4. Use different types of stylers. 

Are you having trouble in finding the right product that gives you both the hold and the texture you want? Do not worry, try out different products which will individually give you what you are looking for.


5. Clean around the edges.

Hair grooming is all about continuous maintenance. Keep one of the small electric razors handy so that you can clean up around your hairline edges. Doing this, you can be in style and look tidy between your haircuts. T


 6. Use dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is an awesome idea to groom your hair in style. Having a bottle around is particularly helpful if you are just back from a hectic day or a tiresome activity like running, cycling or working out. Dry shampoo is like a deodorant of hair products. It absorbs the grease in your hair and on your scalp, and it is amazing what a little of the stuff can do to clean your hair and give it a fresh look.


 7. Combat humidity. 

 Humidity is an enemy of well- styled hair. The moisture in the air adds weight to your hair, and makes it frizzy. It also dilutes your hair product which lessens its hold.

If you live in a humid climate, follow these tips-

  •  Use an anti-humectant pomade or a product with more hold.
  • Keep some products on hand when while traveling or at work. When your hair begins to frizz under the blistering sun, refresh yourself.

Along with these, remember that your everyday habits can affect your hair quality which directly impacts your hair styling. So maintain a healthy diet, quit smoking and excessive drinking, take a sound sleep and drink lots of water. Also, avoid wearing too tight caps or hats as they might spoil the set hair and make them look absurd. This is also a reason you may experience hair loss.

However, what if you are experiencing severe hair fall or hair loss? How will you ensure the proper styling of your hair? We have a way out here! Despite the severe hair fall, you can ensure that you are in style at all times. You can do this by using hair replacements!

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