About Awesomelycool

Introducing Awesomelycool (a Japanese expression of being youthful again), a toxin-free, non-surgical and drop-proof hair replacement for any lifestyle – whether you’re the sport buff or the boy/girl next door. It would be the exact same hair color & texture when you were younger

Our extensive research on Japan and Germany’s current and leading hair replacement solutions enabled us to create and begin Awesomelycool’s process. After combining the best of both worlds, we are proud to launch our latest innovation.

The 0.01/03 mm biological scalp is paper thin and sticks to the head like it is a part of you. Together with Japanese’s knotting technique, it’s breathable, fast drying and absorbs water quickly. Therefore there is no more accumulation of sweat mustiness. Join us in our pursuit of excellence in hair replacement because we know you will love it.

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