Beard for the Bald: 5 Best Beard Styles You Should Rock as a Bald Man

Beard for the Bald: 5 Best Beard Styles You Should Rock as a Bald Man

Sometimes, going bald as a man is inevitable as the primary factors responsible for it may be totally out of your control. However, rather than waste a fortune trying to fix your hair back with expensive hair surgery, or looking over the internet for non-existent overnight hair regrowth remedy, you may need to embrace the fact that you have now joined the bald gang, and focus on how to rock it in style with gorgeous beard to compliment.

According to several polls, a lot of women find bearded men with well-groomed beard sexier than those without a beard.

Thus, because we so much care about your outlook, we have combed the internet to provide you with the 7 best beard styles you should rock as a bald man. I promise you will command attention from both sexes by the time you start to showcase your bald in style with the help of our beard styles.

Here, we present you our best 5. Note that they do not come in any particular order.


1. Stubble

Stubble comes as our first preferred beard style for the bald for many reasons; firstly. It exists in over 25 varieties based on your preferences. Secondly, it is very easy to care for as it doesn’t waste your time. Also, stubble can be styled by busy professionals as well as fashion enthusiasts alike. Lastly, it is perfect for those with sensitive and itchy skin.

Stubble is not a typical beard style; however, when you choose your specific stubble such as manicure, it can suddenly rock your boat and fast become your identity. For instance, the manicured stubbles are a beard style that involves shaving it low every 5-7 days and allowing it to grow a bit giving you that thick, dark and sexy facial hair. Another plus about stubble is that it works for all types of face.


2. The Full Goatee

It is not strange that anytime the beard style for beard men topic springs up, Bruce Willis is the first name that comes to mind. While many people erroneously assume that classic goatee is the same as a full goatee, however, they have a clear difference – classic goatee is when you have a neatly trimmed facial hair on your chin, full goatee incorporates a full mustache. It’s not surprising that some men have intentionally approached their barbers to style them up for artificial baldness so that they could rock the full goatee style. You really need to give it a shot!


3. Full Beard

Are you self-employed, a businessman or into a music niche as a bald man? The full beard is something that you seriously need to consider. It gives you that masculine look that is missing in all other beard styles. It involves allowing hair to grow fully on your face with a light trimming only to keep it uniform.

However, the only barrier to this type of epic beard style for bald men is that most corporate world frowns at it. If you know you have a boss to answer to, we at Owkai will advise you to steer clear of full beard to save yourself some trouble. If you eventually settle for it, you will be tasked to keep it clean, free of dirt and maintain the uniformity with trimming.


4. Chinstrap beard

This style involves having a thin beard running along your jawline and just below your chin. It is definitely one of the most iconic beard styles for bald men on all occasions. It gives you the advantage of creating a virile while framing a masculine jawline. You can complement it with a classic goatee or pencil jawline to derive that sporting look well desired in younger bald men. Another way to rock this classic style is to experiment it with chinstrap of different width to establish a trademark for yourself with any form of face shapes that you have.


5. Rounded beard

You may accidentally classify this beard style as a full goatee or classic goatee beard, but in all honesty, it stands on its own. The apparent difference is that this style has a rounded edge, creating a somewhat symmetrical look with distinctive equal measure. The only downside to the rounded beard style is that it can be expensive to manage as it requires a high level of care and maintenance. If you trim the beard neatly and pair it with a thin and unconnected mustache, you may earn for yourself two classic styles for the price of one.


Regardless of your chosen beard style, you will need hair care products to keep it hygienic and classy. You don’t have to worry about how to get the best products and services, Owakai already takes care of that for you. Just check our shop to see everything you need at a glance!

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