Top 8 Hair Loss Causes In Male Teenagers

Top 8 Hair Loss Causes In Male Teenagers

Hair loss is now considered a common issue all over the world. However, did you know, it is growing like wildfire and also affecting teenagers? Hair loss causes much embarrassment to everyone, especially when it affects teenagers. These individuals are at an age where appearance matters the most.

Generally, when hair loss occurs people panic and try to get quick hacks instead of figuring out the reasons that are causing the problem. So here are some of the most common hair loss causes that affect teens.


1. Typical Minor Hair Loss

According to American Academy of Family Physicians, each strand of hair grows for two-three years at a speed of 1cm per month. Generally, 90% of the hair is in a state of growth while 10% is at rest. The resting state lasts for 3-4 months after which it sheds and makes way for new hair growth. During this shedding and growing process, you lose anywhere between 50-100 hairs from your head each day. This is completely normal, and one of the most common hair loss causes.

So if a teen is worried about losing 50-100 hair strands, he should probably not worry. However, if he loses more than 100 hairs a day, it is time to visit a doctor.


2. Androgenetic Alopecia

Androgenetic alopecia is also known as male pattern baldness and is one of the most common hair loss causes in men. Though it is limited to adult men, teen boys can start to see early signs of this baldness. This could be in the form of receding hairline from the temples or thinning of hair in the crown area. This pattern baldness occurs mostly due to hormonal issues and is not a very serious form of hair loss.


3. Hair Growth Interruption

If the teen has suffered a major event like surgery or trauma in life, it causes high stress in the body, which can affect hair growth. Due to such stress, the hair growth cycle might be interrupted for some time. So if such cycle continues and you notice large bald patches, you should visit a doctor.


4. Health Problems

Many health issues cause baldness. If you suddenly find round, oval bald patches, you might be suffering from alopecia areata. This is a condition in which your immune system attacks your hair follicles. However, this condition can be temporary and treatable.

Another common health problem in teen boys is ringworm on the scalp. It is a fungal infection which can also be treated. However, it can cause deep embarrassment until the time it is showing on your head. Moreover, thyroid disease and lupus are also one of the leading hair loss causes for teenagers.


5. Extreme Diet

Teenagers these days switch to extreme diet plans to get an ‘ideal’ body. Everybody wants abs and biceps like Captain America. So they resort to fit into the spandex superhero suit and go on a bizarre diet. It can lead to negative effects and imbalance in the body, triggering hair loss.

A complete diet is extremely important for a healthy body and hair growth. Protein, iron, vitamin E, and vitamin D, and are essential. It is common to have hair fall after losing 15 pounds or more, but if you are healthy and your weight stabilizes, hair will most likely grow back.


6. Acne Medications

A teen’s worst nightmare is acne and acne marks! So some boys start taking oral medications for acne reduction. While these medicines help in controlling acne producing glands in the body, your hair might go for a toss! These pills reduce the size of sebaceous glands, which results in reduced production of sebum, which is necessary for hair health. When the amount of sebum goes down, hair becomes fragile, dry, and prone to breakage and hair fall.


7. Lack of Sleep

Today teens are obsessed with social media and show that they stay up occupied in watching or doing such activities. Their body goes for a toll due to lack of sleep. Inadequate sleep not only affects the body and causes Panda-eyes but is one of the leading hair loss causes. 8 hours of sleep is essential, and this routine should be followed for a healthy lifestyle.


8. It runs in the family.

When your family suffers from baldness, there is nothing much you can do about it. Hair health is usually rooted in genetics. If you are in your teen or early 20’s and you notice hair fall, you should definitely and immediately consult a doctor. They will give you the best suggestions about how you can cope up with your hair fall problems. Hair loss causes self-esteem to go down, especially during teenage.


So if you as a teenager are suffering from hair loss, consult a doctor. If you ever have to pick a painful surgical treatment, consider other options. We have the perfect solution for you. One of the best options is the Owakai Toupee.

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