How To Pick The Best Hairstyle For Your Hair Type

How To Pick The Best Hairstyle For Your Hair Type

There are some factors like face shape, hair type, hair color and so on which influence the choice of your hairstyle. Here we have given some tips and tricks for styling different hair types in the best possible, stylish manner!


1.Thick Hair

Thick hair is often the most desirable thing for almost all men. It has no sign of male pattern baldness and looks extremely attractive.  More volume comes with even more responsibility and maintenance.  But the good news is that you have a number of choices in haircuts to manage your thick hair. Short and sharp haircuts look great if you have volumic hair.  Also, hidden internal layers are a great way to add shape to thick hair. This will also give a gentle texturizing and soft ends. So if you have a lot of volumic hair, then choose a haircut which will be easy to manage and carry.


2. Fine Hair

Fine hair looks pretty but is hard to maintain. Also, fine hair do not have enough volume and often you may see the scalp. But you do not have to get all panicky about that! You can style your hair in such a way that they will look amazing  Men with fine hair should leave them long in order to add some weight to the hair.  Also, you can ask your stylist to add some layered millennial curtains or a mid-length swept back style to make them look lively and stylish.


3. Wavy Hair

Wavy hair is a mixture of straight and curly hair. They can vary a lot in terms of texture and colour.  So the best way to style wavy hair is to make them short in the back, sides and keep them longer on the top. This gives your hair some movement and also shape. It would be a plus if you like a little messy look for your hair.


4. Unruly Hair

Unruly hair has a lot of texture, and with some efforts, you can maintain their presentability. Remember that you need to avoid medium length hairstyles. and maintain long or short haircut. The haircuts should have weight and texture in order to increase their manageability. You can also try on some products like dark brown, hone brown, or caramel hair colour to add some style and trendy look to your hair.


5. Thinning Hair

Till the age of 50, more than about three-quarters of all men experience hair thinning or receding hair to at least some degree. According to some doctors and experts, hair thinning is more likely for extra silky and floppy hair. And once you start experiencing hair thinning, it is difficult to regain the volume.  Also in some cases, the length of hair can be uneven.

For such hair types, you need a haircut which is blunt and above the shoulder. It will maximise the bulk and create an illusion of volume. If the thinning is at the crown, ask your stylist to make a rough crop of about 1-2 inches and in case the thinning occurs on the sides, then you should prefer a closer cut which can help to blend the lengths.  You can also ask your stylist for a medium-length blunt chop and coax it to stay for a while.


If you too are experiencing hair thinning, but do now wish to compromise on the style, then you can consider using hair replacements. At Owakai, we offer a range of stylish hair replacements to suit any hair type. Owakai hair replacements are non-surgical biological scalps specially made for men which are easy to wear and look completely natural. They are the world’s thinnest natural hair replacements. and also, you can customize your wig as per your haircut and color choice. You neither have to tolerate the excessive hair loss and nor opt for risk of hair transplant surgery.

These hair replacemepercent100 per cent safe and have no painful side effects whatsoever. Apart from being safe and drop proof, these hair replacements are amazingly stylish. You can also customize your wig as per your haircut and color choice. Other than the trendy hair replacements, Owakai also offers you a range of hair attachment and removal accessories like a Hairless comb clip, Walker Duo tape hairpiece tape contour, Walker holds on the liquid adhesive and so on. Also, you are going through a heavy hair fall; you can get some specially made for men hair fall and damage control accessories like a styling comb, seamless hair clips, and so on.


If Owakai products are your choice for hair replacements, then have a look at our collection and choose the one which you feel is ideal for your look. Also, do not forget to share your comments below!

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