How To Save Yourself From Hair Loss

How To Save Yourself From Hair Loss

Are you suffering from hair loss? Have you noticed a receding hairline on your temples? Don’t panic! Hair loss is one of the most common issues that are faced by people all over the world. It is affecting young people like wildfire. So if you are below the age of 40 and are losing out hair, here are some tips that will help you prevent hair fall.

The first step is to consult a dermatologist; they can understand the root problem that you are suffering from. However, these are some steps you can take at a personal level.


1. Keep up the protein.

Protein is the most important factor because hair is made of protein. So make sure your diet has a good amount of protein, if you do not consume enough of it, your body will struggle with regrowth of hair on your scalp. Start with eggs for breakfast and have some tuna salad for lunch. Eat steak for dinner, and you are good to go. A vegetarian option would be beans, lentils and soy protein.

These foods will promote hair growth and strengthen existing hair.


2. Tone down the stress in your life.

While stress causes tears to you figuratively or literally, it affects your hair anyway. It can cause split ends, so your thick hair starts thinning and becomes an unhealthy mess, eventually leading to hair loss.

So get involved in yoga, meditation, nature walks, attend a few comedy gigs, painting, or just anything that will destress you. As long as it is legal, it will work!


3. Get plenty of shut-eye.

Never underestimate the value of a good night’s sleep. You need at least 8 hours of sleep every day; it is the basic requirement of the body. This will make sure your body recharges the entire system, rebuilding bones and muscles, skin and hair.

When you are sleep deprived, your body clock works in a different way which will prevent the natural process to take place. So you will face hair loss as one of the side effects.

Also, try to avoid caffeine, alcohol and soft-drink consumption before sleeping.


4. Feed your hair.

The best way to feed your hair is an oil massage. You can simply massage your scalp with coconut oil, leave it in for about 20 minutes and wash it off. Also, make sure to eat healthy food and avoid the junk. Any heavy process of food is a no-no for healthy hair and body.

Here is a little Hot oil DIY, which is one of the best oils for hair growth.

Once you wash your hair, air dry it. Then place a small, clean bowl over a vessel of hot water. Then, take two tablespoons of coconut oil and one tablespoon of olive oil (if you have dry hair or dandruff) or one tablespoon of jojoba oil (if you have fungal scalp problems).  Mix these two oils together. Apply this hot oil to your scalp and massage it all the way from roots to tips. Warm up a towel and wrap it around your head for 20-30 minutes.

Once that is done, wash your hair and comb it like usual. Do not use any other styling product. Keep it all natural and follow this twice a month.


5. Try some supplements.

The key to healthy hair is to maintain its growth cycle and optimize existing hair. So consume some supplements with vitamins, minerals, and bio-active nutrients. These are orally consumed. However, always consult your doctor. He will suggest what supplements you should have, as per your requirements. Intake of healthy substances will always be effective!


6. Be kind to your hair.

Don’t overtreat your hair! Avoid excessive styling, heat treatments, and chemical based products. Also, avoid washing hair with too hot water. Try to air dry your hair always and do not brush more than necessary.

Make sure you use good quality shampoos, more of natural based. Take a break from using mousses, waxes, and gels; they damage hair which eventually leads to hair loss.


7.Trim regularly.

Trimming hair will make sure your hair does not suffer from deep split-ends which can lead to thinning and damage. So go for a trim once in six weeks, it is an ideal time to keep split ends away.


8. It is never too late.

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