What Shipping Methods Are Available?

Owakai will ship its products in 2 ways. When the delivery is urgent, it will ship directly from our workshop. Secondly, normal postage cost will ship from the major port of different countries. Local partner will be available to support any assistance.

Do You Ship Internationally?

Owakai will ship its products anywhere in the world.

How Long Will It Take To Get My Package?

International shipping will take 5 days on average when shipping. Stock unit will take 3 -5 days to prepare. Customized orders will take 4-8 weeks to prepare.

What Shipping Methods Are Available?

EMS, Local Courier and Fedex.


What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

Owakai website allows major credit cards and PayPal transactions.

Is Buying On-Line Safe?

Owakai uses a third party security system. We have delivered closed to 100 customers worldwide with the security system.


How Do I Place An Order?

You can buy any products that are available on the website.

How Can I Cancel Or Change My Order?

You can cancel your order within 3 days after it is purchased. Do take note when the product is shipped, you cannot refund for the product any longer.

How Do I Track My Order?

A tracking code will be provided when the products are shipped. Depending on the courier selected, you can track the item on the forwarder’s website.

How Can I Return A Product?

In the unlikely event of damage or wrong size being shipped you may return your product within 7 days of delivery for an exchange or store credit. Please contact us to arrange a return. No refunds will be given.


Where Are We Located?

The company is registered in Singapore. Services are carried online and offline support would be later (top 3 most demanded cities would be started first).

How long Do They Last?

It would last 2-4 months for a person that wears every day/ night and takes care of it. For some, they would order 1 per month to have a fresh style arriving at the door step. It depends on the individual.

How Much Is The Replacement Hair?

Replacement hair is cheaper than the first customized Owakai hair. Special prices for 2 or more Owakai hairs per year will be available at the soonest accordingly to demand.

What Is The Cost For Longer Hair?

The Owakai hair is 6 inches long. Any length longer could be customized with top-ups. Special prices for longer Owakai hair will be available at the soonest accordingly to demand.

How long Would It Stay On My Head With My Active Lifestyle? (Swim, Showering Or Running)
It can stay from 2-4 weeks to applying adhesive again
- Dormant/ sedentary Lifestyle (Once a month): 4-5 weeks
- Normal Lifestyle (1-3 times exercises per week): 2-4 weeks
- Hyper Active Lifestyle (More than 3 times per week): 2 weeks
What Is The Refund Policy?
If you do not like the product within 15 days, you are entitled to 100% refund of deposit before the customization.
Upon customization, you are entitled to 70% of your payment back upon return.
Can I Come Pick Up Myself?

No, there is too much logistic needed to arrange in-person pick-ups.

Why Is Owakai Priced So Low And With Free Shipping?

The only reason that we can offer this low price is that everyone is buying together and this helps us to kickstart the services at a scale. Therefore, everyone benefits. And we are victims of thinning hair.

What Is The Order Process?
For customization order, a dedicated membership login would be sent after payment. It would show all the tip/ tricks and the information needed for user to send in the specification before starting.
For stock/ readied sized order, a dedicated membership login would be sent after payment. It would show all the tip and tricks needed for user to learn. Order would be shipped 3-5 days after.


I Have An Oily Scalp. Would It Drop Easily?
The hair has been tested with stringent drop tests. Regardless the situation, it will not drop out of the blue.
Why You Should Choose Owakai?
Owakai is using v-stitching in which each strain of hair is reinforced. This would make the hair flows more consistent and easier to keep.
Owakai only used genuine hair. This means its easier to upkeep. You can also dye the hair and go for haircut.
Owakai uses high-quality webbing for the hair. The webbing is the one that you put on your head. Owakai has 2 options for your needs.
Bio skin and standard lace.
Can I Wash The Hair? Can I Shower?
Yes, you can also wash during your shower.
If you have more than one Owakai, you can wash it and keep the spare one with a hair stand.
How Is The Owakai For Different Races Of People?
Owakai does not discriminate.
All prices will be the same.
Since it is a genuine hair, you can use the hair dye to reach the desire color.
How Is The Owakai for Female?
Owakai is designed for Men and we have received a lot of request for ladies.
It would be opened once we have reached a certain size of community.
How To Maintain The Hairstyle?
When it is time to take it down, it is better to blow dry the inner side then the hair. Instruction videos would be sent to show you how it can be done.
A dedicated membership login would be sent. It would show all the in-house tips and tricks videos that user would need to know.
How To Wash The Hair
Like any hair, you can wash it.
A dedicated membership login would be sent. It would show all the in-house tips and tricks videos that user would need to know.
Methods To Wear
We are launching the stick method. You can choose between the glue or tape that is suitable for human skin.
Dye Hair Procedures
Owakai uses genuine hair. This means that dyeing of hair is possible. It may be easier to do it when it is taken down.
A dedicated membership login would be sent. It would show all the in-house tips and tricks videos that user would need to know.
Are the Hair Real?
Yes, Owakai uses real hair.
I Am In XXX Counties, Can I Order?
Owakai's team is trained to support worldwide customers living in major cities and countries. Services will be brought online. Offline supports will come in later in the year for the top 3 most demanded cities.

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