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Owakai Front Hair Implant

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Owakai Customized Hair Implant


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This is for the user that wants the perfect fit and does not mind waiting time.

Once you complete your online purchase, we’ll reach out to you to obtain your unique specifications and customize your new stock system to match.

The base on this customized system is made from ultra-lightweight, comfy and cool bio skin.

The hair is 100% human, carefully treated with the same process we use. We are sure we would be able to match your hair color, density, and curve of the hair.

The hairline is the same high-definition hairline that we use in many of our best-looking custom hair systems.

*Delivery Time: 4-8 weeks

**A form will be send to ask for specification for trimming of size, choice of hair color and hair style after order is confirmed.


What You Get From Owakai Hair Replacement?

The Following Are The Things You’ll Get Today When You Join Owakai Today!

  • Owakai Hair ($799/yr Value)
  • Personal Set of Adhesive for 6 mths ($199/yr Value)
  • Personal Set of Hair Management Tool ($142/yr Value)
  • Template for Your Hair ($159/yr Value)
  • Endless 1-1 24/7 Consultation & Supports ($3999/yr Value)
  • Personal Membership Account – All the latest skills of managing, taking care, maintaining and treating your own Owakai Hair ($4999/yr Value)
  • Member’s Community (Priceless)

Total Value: $10,297 / Year




Get The Customized Version of Owakai Hair Replacement. The Platinum Package Would Be 100% Fit For Your Unique Head ($1599/ per session).

Simply Invest 20-40 Minutes to Have Your Unique Hair.

  • Saves you money from buying hair regrowth treatment
  • Instantly gives you the look you wish which could last a lifetime + warranty
  • Spare yourself and your family from facing all the risks by skipping the usual hair surgery.
  • Pay less on your monthly visit to the salon for your entire life.
  • Prevent more hairdo issues that could mess up with your confidence.
  • Any hairstyle selection every month – your most versatile hair barber



Get 2 Owakai(s) a year with a subscription plan of $45 per month only (for the second piece).

Right now, we are offering installment payment plan.

If you are ordering more than 1 unit a year, the delivery of new system would arrive on the XX month (12 months/ No. of systems).

Example 1: Melvin has ordered 2 Owakai(s). The second fresh unit would arrive on the 6th month (after the arrival of the 1st Owakai). 

Example 2: Melvin has ordered 4 Owakai(s). The new fresh unit would arrive on the 3rd month (after the arrival of the 1st Owakai). 



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