10 Questions About Male Hair Loss Answered

10 Questions, Answered About Male Hair Loss

Hair loss is a serious issue today. Various reasons lead to thinning of hair and baldness. It also depends on a person’s lifestyle, what might be the reasons that cause male hair loss.

Thus, today we are answering ten most commonly asked questions about male hair loss.


1. How can I tell if I am going bald?

Well, this question is actually not as silly as it sounds like. Losing hair and baldness is very different. Male hair loss occurs in a pattern due to a genetic condition while hair loss can be caused due to various other factors.

If you notice hair loss in patches, on your scalp, you are probably suffering from alopecia. In extreme cases, this may affect your body hair as well. Alopecia is said to be hereditary and because of autoimmune factors, where the body attacks itself, mistakenly.

Male pattern baldness is different from alopecia. In male pattern baldness, you will see a regular receding pattern, usually from the temples and crown area of the head. Both these conditions if not treated at an early stage might cause complete baldness. This can be an embarrassing situation since it can occur at any age.


2. How quickly will I lose my hair?

Male hair loss can begin at any time, but it generally occurs in teenage or early 20’s. It can take about 15-20 years to go completely bald. However, sometimes it may take only five years to go bald. It is best to consult a doctor as soon as you find out about your hair problems.


3. Is my hair loss genetic?

Yes, some types of hair loss are caused due to genetic conditions, like the male pattern hair loss. This happens when your body becomes increasingly sensitive to the male sex hormone-Androgen.

However, male hair loss can also occur due to illness, stress, surgical procedures, scalp infections, etc.  such causes of hair loss might not be permanent.


4. Can emotional stress or sexual frustration cause hair loss?

There are some types of hair loss which is associated with stress. If you see clumps of hair falling out or unpredictable bald patches, it could be something else. Stress can stand as a factor, unlike sexual frustration. Visit a doctor and find out about the causes immediately.


5. Are there any natural methods to stop hair fall?

Most of the times, hair loss is natural. However, the treatment might not remain ‘natural’ as such. Various surgical and non-surgical treatments will help you regain the lost hair.

For example, Traction alopecia is caused due to constant pulling of hair due to tight buns or ponytails. So if you have long hair and are habitual to putting your hair up in attractive man-buns, you might have to suffer in the long run. So try to avoid tying your hair often. Let it lose so it can settle in its pattern. This can be a natural option to reduce hair loss.


6. How can I treat baldness?

Baldness can be treated in multiple ways. However, firstly you have to figure out whether you want to treat the baldness or cover up bald patches. You can read in detail about different treatment methods here.

However, there are two main categories- Surgical and non-surgical. Surgical treatment is painful and expensive while nonsurgical treatment is effective and easy on the pockets. One of the best non-surgical hair loss treatment is the Owakai Toupee.  We provide the World’s Thinnest & Advanced Hair Replacement which is a non-surgical biological scalp. It is drop-proof. Handmade from 100% natural hair, we customize each wig as per your required cut and style. Check out our website to know more!


7. What are the side effects of medicated hair loss treatments?

If you decide on taking medication for hair loss, these could be the possible side effects-

  1. Minoxidil lotion- This can cause skin and scalp irritation. It can rarely though change the colour and texture of your natural hair.
  2. Finasteride-Though this has no such side effects, few people might experience a rash or reduced libido and erection problems.

8. Will stress make me bald quicker?

Stress can cause hair loss, but it will not be permanent. Although, the fact whether stress speeds up the process of male hair loss depends on the genes and heredity of the person.

Telogen Effluvium is a type of severe hair loss that is caused due to stress. It interrupts the growth cycle of hair follicles which leads to shedding of hair. However, this problem can be corrected in the long run.


9. Will the rest of my body hair fall out?

No, male pattern baldness affects only the scalp. However, alopecia can affect other areas of the beard, armpits, etc.


10. Will I suffer from any psychological problems because of baldness?

Most of the time in male hair loss, men undergo low confidence and self-esteem. Sometimes it can also lead to reduced sex drive and depression. However, if you understand the causes and consequences, you will be able to treat it correctly.  You can opt for the World’s Thinnest & Advanced Hair Replacement which is a non-surgical biological scalp, the Owakai Toupee. It is hands-down the best treatment for all types hair loss.


Don’t let hair loss get you, Owakai is here to help you! Male hair loss is a common occurrence these days. It can also be treated, just make sure you visit the doctor on time. You can also consult him or her about using our Owakai Toupee. It has no side effects and is 100% biological.

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