Revolutionary Management of Hair Loss Gives Confidence While Exercising

Revolutionary Management of Hair Loss Gives Confidence While Exercising

Every man dreads the day that he will look in a mirror and realize that his hair is falling off or he is experiencing thinning of hair. According to a study cited the Belgravia Center, over fifty percent of men think that women find balding men a tad repulsive. (Read more about this study here).That must be the reason so many men hope that they will never have to deal with hair thinning or baldness.


How does a man know that he has hair loss?

According to hair experts, a person is supposed to lose about 100 hairs in one day. It might be a bit tricky to count all the hairs that a man loses in the shower or on a comb. Therefore, the easiest way to know whether one is experiencing hair loss is to look at the size of the ball of hair that one gets every day. If the size is increasing, then it’s most likely hair loss.


What are the Causes of Hair Loss in Men?

The American Hair Loss Association estimates that about one in every four men experiences male pattern baldness (Read the full article here). The causes of hair loss in men are many, the first of which is usually genetics. Treatments such as chemotherapy, change in hormone production with aging and immune system dysfunction (this causes alopecia areata type of hair loss) cause loss and thinning of hair.


Hair loss and Confidence in Men

Men place a lot of stock in how they look. It determines whether they can date or not, and sometimes it even influences their job performance. When men start balding, they, therefore, feel less confident about their ability to do most things. To boost confidence when balding, a man can do one of two things. He can either manage the hair loss or work on his self-esteem in case it turns out to be a permanent condition.


Treating Male Pattern Baldness

The easiest way to boost confidence when dealing with a man’s hair is to prevent or reduce hair loss. Methods of treating male pattern baldness include:

  • Using drugs that encourage hair growth or prevent hair loss such as Rogaine and Propecia
  • Using microfiber concealers. They hold hair together, therefore, giving the illusion of thicker volume by hiding thin patches
  • Try undergoing hair transplant procedures

When a man knows that his hair looks good, he will feel good about himself. That means that managing hair loss goes a long way towards boosting confidence.


Management plus Exercising is the Perfect way to boost Confidence

Sometimes stress makes hair fall off. One way to manage that stress is to simply exercise. Exercising relieves the tension caused by stress and counters the negative hormone production by helping the body produce endorphins (Here is the full article). Endorphins elevate a man’s mood and make him see that he can still achieve a thing or two. That boosts his confidence. Couple the exercise with a little hair loss management and a healthy lifestyle and many men can walk out the door no matter how their hair looks.

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