3 Signs Of Aging In Men And How To Deal With Them Easily

3 Signs Of Ageing In Men And How To Deal With Them Easily

Aging isn’t something that anyone can avoid or ignore. It moves closer and closer and yet we remain ignorant about its symptoms. This can be especially true about men. Often, men are told about more subtle signs of aging; however, they simply ignore them or don’t take them seriously.

So, isn’t it better to be aware of the early signs of aging so that when they arrive, you can be prepared to deal with them beforehand?



1. Tanned/Baked Skin

Men are often used to spend most of the time outdoors. This causes the problem of sunburn, suntan and bakes skin which leads to wrinkles. Wrinkles and fine lines are common issues while aging. Like greying hair, these small wrinkles too add to a distinct character and matured look to men’s face.

Those who do not like these wrinkly looks should pay most attention to the areas around the eyes, mouth, and foreheads. These areas are most likely to crinkle as part of making expressions. The constant folding of skin damages the skin resulting in wrinkling. You also should apply some form of sunscreen while going outside for protecting your skin from the fine lines rapidly deepening to wrinkles.



2. Slow Metabolism

Perhaps the most annoying aspect which most men face while aging is the drop in the metabolisms. Many men enjoy relatively healthy metabolism in their young days. This helps them to get out and do things rapidly. However, after aging, your metabolism starts changing and slowing down. Due to this, men develop some extra saturated fat around the stomach and chest in particular.

This sign of aging can be countered to an extent by maintaining the daily routine exercises, healthy diet, and avoiding drinking and smoking.


3. Hair Loss and Greying

Hair loss or hair greying are the most common signs of aging for men. The testosterone in male bodies leads to severe hair loss. This is why you will notice gradual receding hairline which is also often called as “male pattern baldness”. Also, one more phenomenon of greying hair is a prominent sign of ageing. The grey hair actually adds handsomeness and a look known as the “salt and pepper” look.

So, what can you do to deal with the excessive hair loss or hair greying? You can indulge in a number of home remedies, see a doctor, get the hair transplant done or simply wear a wig which covers all the bald patches with less or no hair. The wigs not only help you in dealing with the sign of aging but also make you look more stylish and up-to-date.


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