Smoking Induced Hairloss In Men

Smoking Induced Hairloss In Men

Usually, lung cancer is considered as the main side effect of smoking. But lung cancer is not the only problem which is resulted due to smoking. Problems like heart attack, brain damage, tooth decay, cataracts, loss of smell and taste, and other types of cancers which affect the nose, lip, tongue, and mouth are also some of the potential results of smoking.  Apart from internal, there also are some external side effects of smoking like premature ageing, skin damage and hair loss.

Did you know, that in America, tobacco is the largest avoidable cause of death and in spite of that, more than 48,000 deaths are caused by smoking every year in America? If these are the number of deaths caused in a single country, can you imagine the number of deaths caused due to smoking around the world?

Also, despite efforts like advertisements and awareness campaigns, there has not been much difference to the number of regular smokers and problems arising due to smoking. Here we have listed some of the direct effects of smoking with regards to hair loss in men.


How does smoking cause hair loss in men?

If you smoke cigarettes then you are exposed to about 4,000 chemicals including 43 carcinogenic compounds like Nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, arsenic, and DDT. These harmful substances are present in approximately all the topmost tobacco brands. Due to such a  high exposure to such toxins, your body reacts to it in a variety of different ways. Some of them are listed below.

  1. Smoking decreases blood circulation to the scalp and resultantly reduces the follicle revitalization and hair growth.
  2. The tobacco present in cigarettes pollute the blood with toxins and disturbs the natural hair growth cycles in your body.
  3. According to studies and researches, smoking cigarettes can also disturb the function of your hair follicles and thus lead to severe hair loss in men.
  4. Some men may also experience the oxidative stress caused by as a result of cigarette smoking. This stress can lead to hair loss in men. Other than stress, the free radicals from smoking may also lead to damage at the cellular level. Also, decline cell motility, and rise cell senescence which means the cells remain to live, yet inactive thus can no longer divide and proliferate. By reducing the effectivity of these processes which are all necessary for hair regrowth, smoking causes a plethora of problems and hair loss in men.


How will you prevent hair loss due to smoking?

If you are a regular smoker who is facing these problems continuously, then quitting will not only help you maintain a health of your hair; but will also help your body to continue its usual biological processes without any kind of toxic disturbance. Also, your organs like skin, hair follicles will be free from nicotine and absorb the nourishment adequately.

Remember that only after 20 minutes of quitting smoking, your blood pressure, pulse rate and body’s temperature return to normal levels. Not only that, within 48 hours, your damaged nerve endings, hair follicles, sense of smell and taste will also start redeveloping.


How will you quit smoking?

Many a time you may wish to quit smoking. But,  do not know the exact way to get out of your habit, then you can join a number of advocacy groups and get access to their tools to cease your tobacco habits, also you can get a personal assistant to develop a smoke-free lifestyle.


What is the way of treating hair loss from smoking?

Your internal health improves greatly after quitting. Still, the side effects like hair loss in men take time to heal.  To deal with this, you can consider some hair restoration treatments. You can opt for treatments like topical treatments, prescribed medications, hair transplant treatments, and low-level laser therapy.


Apart from these treatments, there also is one easy method to deal with the hair loss in men caused due to smoking. You can also use non-surgical hair replacements to cover the hair thinning and bald spots. At Owakai, we offer hair replacements which are specially made for men. They are non-surgical, drop proof and also totally customizable. Explore our shop to learn more.

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