Synthetic Hair vs. Human Hair: Pros And Cons of Both

Synthetic Hair vs. Human Hair: Pros And Cons of Both

When you go out and select a wig, it is many times difficult to know where to begin. There are heaps of styles, colors, brands and wig types; and picking one out of so many might seem too complicated.

To get sorted, understanding the difference between human hair wigs and synthetic wigs is essential. Whether to choose human hair or synthetic hair is one of the most important decisions you need to make while selecting a wig.

Natural hair wigs are made from harvested human hair. This is why they look and feel just like your hair. However, the synthetic wigs are made from artificial fibers using unique technology to give real feel and appearance. Many first-time wig buyers tend to believe that the human hair wigs have “better” quality as compared to the synthetic wigs because they are made of real hair; however, this is not entirely true! There are of course differences between human hair and synthetic hair wigs, and the quality is rather defined by from where you buy.

Read on to make a better choice according to your needs.

Human Hair Wigs

Pros of Human Hair Wigs:

Versatility in Styling

Some human hair wigs are colored, permed and styled similar to your hair. So keep in mind that it is essential to take your wig to your stylist who is experienced in handling human hair wigs, and if you wish you can alter the style of your wig according to your choice.

Human hair wigs are available in different textures so that you can match your hair texture with them for a better look.

If you take proper care, then the human hair wigs may last a year or more if worn daily.

Natural Look
Human hair wigs feel great and give an incredibly natural look to your face.

Cons of Human Hair Wigs:

High Maintenance
Just like real hair, human hair wigs also need to be washed, conditioned and re-styled frequently, this makes them a high maintenance option for first-time users.

Higher Cost
As they are harvested from human hair, they are usually more expensive as compared to the synthetic wigs.

Color Variation
In case of the human hair wigs, it is difficult to replicate the exact color of the human hair.

Human hair wigs get reacted by weather.
Like your real hair would, the human hair wigs react to the weather and may become frizzy, limp or dry depending on the weather outside.

Color Fading
The color of a human hair wig might fade out in case of exposure to light.

Human hair wigs may become fragile.
The hair will incur damage if subjected to harsh brushing, back-combing or overuse of heated styling tools.

Human hair wigs are heavy.
Human hair wigs might feel heavier as compared to the synthetic wigs.

Styling a human hair wig is more difficult.

Human hair wigs are a bit more intensive and require more effort and skill for styling.


Synthetic Wigs

The Pros of synthetic wigs:

Easy to Maintain
Synthetic wigs are easier to manage. Because synthetic wigs have a characteristic of “style retention.” They never have to be styled again. If you wash, dry and shake them the wig will return to its initial style.

Easy to Style
Synthetic wigs hold on to their style regardless of the weather.

More Versatile
You can try out various colors and styles while purchasing synthetic wigs.

More Color Selection
You can choose from an array of natural colors, as well as several excellent colors.

Low on Cost
Synthetic wigs are less expensive as compared to human hair wigs.


The Cons of synthetic wigs:

Some low-cost synthetic wigs might have an unnatural shine.

Synthetic wigs and toppers do not last long as compared as human hair wigs. They typically continue up to 4-6 months.

Cannot Change Color
Recoloring cannot happen for synthetic wigs.


After having compared both types of the wigs, it is safe to say that both have their pros and cons. So, it is always wise to know what you want, need and make a choice accordingly. So, if you are looking for a suitable wig, then Owakai is the right place for you! Owakai wigs are premium quality men hair replacements which come in various colors and styles. You can shape these hair replacements according to your hairstyle to make them look natural. Also, being non-surgical, they are completely safe and also are drop-proof.

The fantastic features of the Owakai wigs make them the best choice for you!

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