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10 Daily DIY Hair Care Tips for Men

You’ve probably watched a lot of movies where the main characters had pretty amazing hair. This might have led you to question, “How is their hair so perfect?” Our eyes are just attracted to their mesmerizing hair. Shiny, thick and bouncy! All of this leading to an amazing look turning them beautiful. You can learn […]

6 Natural Remedies that will Stop Hair Loss and Boost Hair Growth

No one desires to lose any strand of hair. Hair loss does not only impair your physical appearance, but it could also affect your emotional condition. If you have a full hair without any form of hair loss, you are considered healthy, beautiful, and youthful. So, everyone finds it frightening whenever they experience hair loss, […]

5 Surprising Remedies That Stop Hair Loss Backed By Science

Hair loss doesn’t affect man alone. Women are also often affected. You may not easily notice hair loss in women because they experience hair thinning instead of pattern baldness that is mostly experienced by males. Of course, you already know that women often cover up their conditions with certain hairstyle. Let’s face reality… there is […]

9 Smart Ways to Deal With Hair Loss And Baldness

9 Smart Ways to Deal With Hair Loss And Baldness

Thick, healthy hair is one thing every that no man can give up on. The abundant hair on the head is not only considered attractive but it also signifies good health and youthfulness in men. However, due to the daily stressful lifestyle, lowering nutrition level, unhealthy diet, defective genes, and many other reasons, some men […]

Why Human Hair Growth Is Ideal For Any Man Looking For A Normal Hairline

Why Human Hair Growth is ideal for any man looking for a Normal Hairline

Men, like women, place a lot of emphasis on looking good. In fact, a 2013 survey by the Daily Mail revealed that about thirty-three percent of men link their hair to their confidence (Read the full story here). That means that for most men, getting bald would be bad news. Consequently, they would look for […]