Warning Signs of Male Menopause: Are You at Risk?

Warning Signs of Male Menopause: Are You at Risk?

One might find a number of blogs and articles telling you about female menopause. But a few will tell you about male menopause, its symptoms, and consequences.

Here are some important things about male menopause which you must know.   

What is ‘Male Menopause’?

Some people refer to male menopause to the hormonal changes which occur in some men as they grow old. After a certain age, the testosterone levels in men tend to decrease. According to a study, the testosterone level in men is the highest in their 20s, and they start declining after the age of 30 or 40.  and by the age of 70, it is the lowest. This hormonal shift brings about some significant physical, emotional, and cognitive changes in men.


Difference Between Male and Female Menopause

Male menopause is significantly different from the female menopause.  Female menopause is a natural phenomenon of ageing, but men menopause does not necessarily occur in all men. Some men may also never develop low testosterone levels. Also, female menopause occurs quickly, but on the other hand, men menopause may take decades to develop.  Due to these basic differences, several doctors use the terms like andropause, androgen deficiency for defining male menopause.


Symptoms of Male Menopause

According to toa number studies, there are a variety of symptoms indicating male menopause. Some of them are; reduced sex drive, erectile dysfunction,  muscle mass loss, increased fat accumulation,  fatigue, stress and depression. Let us look at some prominent symptoms indicating menopause in men.


1. Low libido

Testosterone plays a crucial role in maintaining the sex drive. If you are experiencing lower libido than usual, then it might be a symptom of male menopause. It can also lead to erectile dysfunction. Moreover, you might also experience a significant reduction in sperm count.


2. Depression

Testosterone has an impact on your mood. In case your testosterone level drop, then you might experience some amount of depression. The common symptoms of depression are; constant sadness, emptiness, anxiety, irritability, and anger. You might also experience struggle to concentrate, lose interest and in the worst case, develop suicidal thoughts.


3. Low Energy

Testosterone also keeps your body healthy and energetic. however, while going through andropause, one might feel fatigued and struggle to participate in routine activities.


4. Insomnia

Low T can also contribute to sleep problems. Testosterone plays an important role in controlling and balancing the sleep patterns.  In case your testosterone level declines, you may experience insomnia and disruption in sleep. Symptoms of insomnia include difficulty in falling asleep,  daytime sleepiness, trouble in focusing, and irritability.


5. Reduced Bone Density

When it comes in bone density, testosterone also influences it. If you develop andropause, then your bones can become less dense. This can also lead to osteoporosis, which is a condition where your bones become brittle and fragile.


6. Increase in Abdominal Fat

Excess abdominal fat can also be a result of low testosterone. You might experience the body’s buildup of belly fat. If your testosterone level drops, then you might see that more fat gets accumulated in the middle of the abdomen.


7. Hair Loss

One more symptom of men menopause is excessive hair loss, reclining hairline and partial or complete baldness.


Other Warning Signs of Male Menopause

  • Breast Enlargement
  • Decreased Motivation
  • Decreased Self-Confidence
  • Reduced Muscle Mass and Strength
  • Severe Hair Loss
  • Partial or Complete Baldness

In order to deal with these symptoms, the best way is to consult a doctor who can prescribe suitable medication and treatment.


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We will keep bringing newer insights regarding men hair loss and tips to deal with these problems. So for more, stay tuned with our blog and also do not forget to mention your comments, suggestions, and questions in the section given below.

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